Welcome to our Shipping page. On this page, we will demonstrate our easy and simple process of sending your product to you.

Where do we go to?

All shipping is FREE WORLDWIDE so we send our products all over the globe. We do not, due to the nature of our business, ship products on the same day. Our products ship in 7-12 Days.

Do I get an email?

Yes, Aqua Jewels will send you an email instantly to allow you to be certain your product is on its way. This should come after payment is processed and transferred.

 How can I contact you?

If you are concerned about your products whereabouts please feel free to contact aquatikusa@gmail.com and we will be glad to help you out!

If one of several products has arrived and you're wondering where the rest are - don't fear! All products are shipped individually so they will come at separate times. 

We send our products all over the globe, during busy times shipping may take longer - we will advertise this if this is an issue.